Box Her In Food Drive

The staff at Upland Hills Health recently donated over 29,000 pounds of food to the Iowa County Food Pantry—enough to feed more than 330 families for 10 days.

The “Box Her In” drive, in its second year, was a call to all staff members at Upland Hills Health, including doctors, board members and volunteers, to collect enough boxes of healthy  food to fill Administrator Phyllis Fritsch’s office, in 10 days.

The staff came through, even surpassing last year’s donation total, forcing Phyllis into the hallway on the 10th day, when she was no longer able to reach her desk through the boxes. 

“I was happy to work in the hallway the rest of that day, knowing that hungry families in Iowa County would be fed.  It was heartwarming to watch our staff come together, once again, for something so meaningful—and breaking last year’s total was just amazing!,” said Fritsch.

On December 8th, managers at Upland Hills Health gathered together to deliver the boxes of food and more than $5,088 in monetary gifts to the volunteers at the Iowa County Food Pantry.