The holidays can be a time of temptation and a time of less than perfect physical motivation. For patients that need to eat right and exercise regularly to keep their hearts healthy, it's even more important to keep focus, even through the holidays.

The Upland Hills Health Cardiac Rehab department presents a challenge to the patients in the program each holiday season and rewards their efforts to stay healthy through the season. This year, those who participated were asked to track their intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as their minutes of exercise.

Winners in each category were:

Most fruits: Sath Menon
Donna Erickson
  Total Minutes of Exercise: Beauford Blabaum
Rosemary Gilbertson
Most vegetables: Woody Erickson
Gert Peterson
  Most Weight Lost: Beauford Blabuam
Rosemary Gilbertson

All the participants celebrated their efforts and success with a potluck lunch, at which another patient spoke to the group about stress management.

Cardiac Rehab Holiday Challenge Winners
Pictured are some participants in the Holiday Health Challenge through Cardiopulmonary
Rehab at Upland Hills Health. L to R:  Beauford Blabaum, Millie Blabaum, Donna Erickson,
Gert Peterson, Sath Menon and Woody Erickson.