First Lisa Faherty-Bilse Memorial Award Presented to Brad Jebbia

The third annual Upland Hills Health Nurses Community Fun Run/Walk was held May 10th.  The event again offered a Kids’ Run for those aged 5-12 and a 5K Walk or Run or 10K Run.

This year, the first Lisa Faherty-Bilse Memorial “Attitude is Everything” Motivational Nursing Award was presented to an Upland Hills Health nurse who best exemplifies the traits that the award celebrates about Lisa’s life and contributions to Upland Hills.  Congratulations to Brad Jebbia, Emergency Department RN, who was the first recipient of this award.  Brad displays the characteristics every day of the kind of nurse that Lisa was and she was proud to call him a teammate.

Lisa worked her self-professed “dream job” as Emergency Director for Upland Hills health until her battle with ovarian cancer ended in 2011.  Her positive attitude in her job and through her diagnosis and treatment, along with her ability to motivate her co-workers will be celebrated through this award.

Music, games and toys for self-directed play and food were available during and after the race and everyone waswelcome to come or stay.  All proceeds from the event benefit the Nursing Education fund at Upland Hills Health.

Race Training