Green Bay Packers and the United Fund of Iowa County gift

New parents at Upland Hills Health will get an extra perk in the near future—thanks to the Green Bay Packers and the United Fund of Iowa County.

The Packers Foundation recently granted $4,000 and the United Fund of Iowa County granted $3,500 to the Obstetrics Department at Upland Hills Health toward the purchase of a contract to provide parents with access to the Newborn Channel, an on-demand educational channel for parents. 

“We are really excited to provide the Newborn Channel for our new moms and dads.  Our nursing staff has a passion for educating new parents and this is a great way to supplement that education about newborn care—which they can access at any time, day or night, during their stay with us, and after they leave,” said Dori Christenson, Director of Obstetrics at Upland Hills Health.  “Our goal is to make sure families leave here with the tools they need to be confident parents.  It’s wonderful that the Packers Foundation and our local United Fund organization recognized and supported this important effort.”

The Newborn Channel covers topics such as bathing, feeding, safe sleep, and play for newborns, as well as care for new moms and dads.  It will be available 24 hours a day on an exclusive channel in each birthing suite.  Parents can even access videos and articles online from their home computer after their stay, using an access code provided to them before they leave.

“We are very fortunate that an organization associated with the well-loved Green Bay Packers, and our own United Fund organization chose to grant this opportunity to new parents in and around Iowa County who choose to have their babies here,” said Phyllis Fritsch, Upland Hills Health Administrator.  “Offering the Newborn Channel to our new parents is a very exciting way to help them learn about caring for their new child in a comfortable, convenient way.”

The funding support received from these grants has allowed Upland Hills Health to provide the Newborn Channel to new parents for the next five years.

Packers Babies
Pictured with newborns Aubrey Oxnem and Tessa Yanochik is United Fund Treasurer Charlie Price.  Both the United Fund of Iowa County and the Green Bay Packers Foundation recently funded the purchase of a contract for parents of babies born at Upland Hills Health to access the Newborn Channel for educational programming.