Building Project


Upland Hills Health (UHH) has consistently sought to be a healthcare destination that mirrors the needs and values of the communities it serves. As the community’s needs evolved and as new technology has become available, buildings and programs have been added to accommodate that growth.

For example, in 2002, together we addressed the needs of our citizens by building our nursing and rehabilitation center, physician specialty clinic and our Heart, Lung & Sleep Center. In 2009, we added a new medical office building, Therapy & Wellness Center, imaging area, pharmacy and improved our main entrance. Now we are being called on to complete a significant construction project that will position the hospital for the next 30 years.   

This project is particularly important for the long-term well-being of the hospital. The landscape of healthcare is changing with new hospitals and expanded services nearby.  To remain a vital part of our community and continue offering services close to home, we need to take this step forward. 

The Project

We conducted a detailed study of our current capacity and the community’s projected needs for the next 50 years. The study helped us set our priorities, revealing several areas that demand our immediate attention and identifying care areas that are expected to need additional capacity in the future. 

Our hospital is well-maintained and attractive — consistent with the values and expectations of our community.  Even so, we are facing challenges that may not be immediately visible. To maintain excellent service to our community we must address the current and future needs outlined below. 

Stellar Surgical Spaces

We’re going to expand our surgical area.

Why?  Surgical spaces built today require twice the space as in the past. Our new surgical area will be designed to accommodate state-of-the art equipment, more operating space and larger recovery bays. 

Better Birthing Suites

Our new birthing suites will be larger to meet the expectations of growing families, and a C-section suite will be built within the OB area. 

Why? When an emergency C-Section is needed, we must move as swiftly as possible. Having a fully equipped and dedicated C-section suite right next to the birthing mom’s room will help to bring baby into the world efficiently. 

A Flexible and Efficient Facility

New construction will allow us to deliver more healthcare services in the center of our campus. 

Why? This new space will provide:

  • Modern and private inpatient rooms with healing views, better equipped to deliver modern treatments;
  • Centrally-located reception areas will enable us to offer assistance and eliminate the frustration of not knowing where to go, or missing an appointment;
  • A floor plan that makes physician consultations fast and easy.  Our specialist physicians will be able to walk out of their clinics—down a short hallway—and into the inpatient unit.
  • Space for future growth will make future projects less costly.

Your Family, Our Promise - Building on Exceptional Care

The two phases of our improvement project are expected to cost $32 million.  The first phase is currently underway as we make a series of moves designed to make way for expansion.

This project will impact a wide cross section of our community by providing critical care, right here close to home.


Upland Hills Health continues to deliver on a promise that goes back more than 100 years... to provide exceptional healthcare to the communities in which we live. We are planning to be here for another century and beyond.

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