Foundation/Donations:  Charitable Giving Opportunities


Any monetary contribution can be provided to the Foundation for an undesignated service or program, or a donor can select a specific area of Upland Hills Health to support.


Establishing Your Own Account

An account can be established with the Foundation with a minimum gift of $1,000. These accounts are established if an individual or entity wishes to continuously support a specific program or service at Upland Hills Health.


Gift of Life Insurance

Donors wishing to make a gift of Life Insurance should indicate on any Life Policy that the owner and sole beneficiary of the policy is  "Upland Hills Health Foundation, Inc." Donors giving pre-paid (fully funded) policies or new policies that name the Foundation as sole owner and beneficiary shall receive recognition for the replacement value of the policy.

Donors who name the Foundation as a beneficiary of any life insurance policy without also naming the Foundation as sole owner, shall receive the thanks of the Board for this future gift, but no tax advantages or other benefits shall accrue.

Donors wishing to make regular contributions to the Foundation that would be applied to a life insurance policy, the sole owner and beneficiary of which is the Foundation, shall use the "Gifts of Life Insurance" procedures in effect at the time for this type of gift.


In-Kind Gifts

A Gift-In-Kind is a voluntary contribution of goods or services that can be used to advance the mission of Upland Hills Health or can be readily converted to cash and may qualify as a charitable deduction for the person(s) making the gift.

Right: Members of the Rockwell Mills 4-H Group hold their Dialysis Cards.
This great group of young people supported the Dialysis Program.


Endowment Accounts

An endowment is set up by investing money for the purpose of generating income from the principal. Income is distributed in accordance with the donor’s intent. The Upland Hills Health Foundation, Inc. assumes the responsibility for communication with the donor. The Foundation Director will work with the donor to assure that the terms of the endowment are reasonable and to assure ease in program administration.

Endowment Requirements – Income from an endowment fund may not be distributed until the endowment reaches a value of $25,000. In order to qualify as an endowment, the minimum initial contribution must be $10,000 and the remainder of the $15,000 value must be pledged for payment within three years. If the endowment does not reach the $25,000 valuation within five years, the fund will be transferred to a General endowment fund, in keeping with the written agreement with the donor.


Planned Gifts

Gifts Through Your Will
Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable Remainder Trusts
      Life Estate Contracts
Charitable Lead Trusts
Pooled Income Funds

Bequests from a properly executed Will, Living Trust, Inter Vivos Trust, or Testamentary Trust shall be accepted in accord with the donor's wishes, and in accord with the mission and purposes of the Foundation. The Board reserves the right to refuse all or any part of any bequest or beneficiary designation that does not serve to further the missions of the Upland Hills Health and the Foundation, or for any other reason determined by the Board.