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Hospital Volunteers Show Support for Upland Hills Health Dialysis Center


Working with the hospital foundation, Upland Hills Health volunteers have implemented a program to support the new kidney dialysis program—scheduled to open in the lower level of the Nursing and Rehab Center in spring of 2008. Hospital volunteers understand the significance of the new dialysis program and have committed themselves to helping spread the word—by personally signing thank you cards sent to donors. Donors are encouraged to display these cards in their homes or businesses to increase awareness of kidney disease and the Upland Hills Health dialysis program.

“Our goal is to get out as many cards as possible and have donors display them so that others can learn about the dialysis program,” Foundation Director Tammie Richter explained. Whalen notes that having dialysis available in Dodgeville will help alleviate some stress for both the patient and their driver. “The shorter trip will be wonderful—they’ll feel less tired,” she said. Whalen, also an Upland Hills Health volunteer, is part of the thank you card awareness campaign.

Over 1,200 people in Wisconsin are awaiting a kidney transplant. Their lives depend on kidney dialysis. And with over 68% of new Kidney Disease cases caused by diabetes and high blood pressure the potential future need for dialysis is great. To make a donation or to find out more about the Upland Hills Health kidney dialysis program contact Upland Hills Foundation Director Tammie Richter at 930-7169.