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Mon-Fri: 6 am - 9 pm
Saturday:  7am - 1 pm
Sunday: Noon - 6 pm

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Wellness Opportunities for All

The mission of Upland Hills Health Therapy and Wellness Center is to offer affordable wellness programming for community members of all ages and abilities. If there are classes you would like to see offered, but are not listed, please call 930-7147. We are adding classes and instructors regularly and may just have what you are looking for. Membership pricing is available for individuals, families, seniors, guests, post therapy and post cardiac rehab. The opportunities below are available to all, regardless of whether you are a Wellness Center member or not.


For current membership rates or to register for classes, call 930-7147
Sessions start the first week of every month.
Class sizes are limited and pre-registration is requested--classes with low participation may be canceled.

Gift certificates can be a great gift for anyone on your shopping list.
What better gift to give than the gift of health and wellness?


Circuit Training 

Learn what a difference resistance exercises and weights can make.  Never lifted weights before?  Don’t be intimidated…our Personal Trainer takes you through the ins and outs of circuit training so you get real results.

Monday & Wednesday  – 11:30 am to 12:15 pm
Instructor: Eugene Schulz – Members $30/Nonmembers $35

Add some variety to your routine with this class designed for those looking to firm, strengthen, and sculpt their bodies with a great workout.
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Morning Cardio Mix

Looking for a high intensity strength and cardio class to switch up your routine? This class will add variety to your routine. Class is designed for those looking to firm, strengthen and sculpt their bodies with an intense workout.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 6:15 am to 7:15 am
Instructor: Theresa Bahl – Members $35 (2/wk) or $55 (3/wk) or Friday only $20; Nonmembers $40 (2/wk) or $60 (3/wk) or Friday only $25. 

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Morning Cardio Abs

Call 930-7147 for a description of this class.

Monday & Wednesday – 7:15 am to 8:15 am
Instructor: Derek Hubbard – Members $35 /Nonmembers $40

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Morning Yoga

A yoga class geared for the beginner participant. Learn yoga poses and exercises to reduce stress, increase strength, flexibility and improve breathing.

Precise body alignment, controlled movement and breathing improve posture and flexibility.  Tone and strengthen by holding physical postures.  Wear relaxed apparel and bring yoga mat if you have one.  Class will run for 2 months starting the first Wednesday of the even months.

Tuesdays and Thursdays– 11:00 a.m. to NOON
Instructor: Paul Mross– Members $35 /Nonmembers $40


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Body Boost 

A strength class mixed with cardio blasts. This class will increase your calorie burn for hours! Taught by a personal trainer.

Tuesday & Thursday – 7:45 am to 8:30 am
Instructor: Eileen Smith – Members $35 /Nonmembers $40

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Dance your way to fitness with this fun, exhilarating, total body workout that combines various styles of Latin American dance such as mambo, cha-cha and salsa with swing, belly dance and more to leave you burning calories for hours. With these easy to follow moves you’ll dance your way into shape with a workout that feels more like fun than work!

Monday and Wednesday – 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Instructor: Brittanie Dempsey – Members $35 /Nonmembers $40

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Sports Performance Clinic

Designed for Student Athletes who want to excel next season or take it to the next level. Intensive athletic training and performance enhancement course. Focus on balance training, agility and quickness, core strength, and injury prevention. Small class size promotes individual attention and personalized development strategies.

Taught by fitness experts and athletic trainers at Upland Hills Health Therapy & Wellness Center.
FOR STUDENTS: Middle School–College (minimum age: 12 years)

8 week summertime class
• details posted when dates are set in the spring.


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Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is a well-known pain management technique originating in Eastern Medicine. It uses specific placement of fine needles to relieve such pains as headaches, sciatic pain and numbness or tingling.

Acupuncturist Jim Wenger was trained at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, WI and began practice at Upland Hills Health in 2009.

To make an appointment with Jim, please call 930-7147.

You do not need to be a member for this service.

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Massage Therapy Services

Certified Massage Practitioners offer a range of massage therapies and techniques. Stress relieving, relaxation and therapeutic massages based on a range of methods. From deep tissue and Swedish massage to eastern “tui na” systems, the practitioner designs a customized treatment to offer the best healing experience.

The soothing environment of our massage suite will feel like a mini spa getaway.

During their hospital stay, patients can purchase massages to be done right in the privacy of their room.

You do NOT need to be a member to take advantage of our massage services.

Massages make an excellent gift. Gift certificates available by calling 930-7147.

$30 for 30 minute massage
$50 for 60 minute massage
$70 for 90 minute massage
Please call 608-930-7147 for package pricing.

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Personal Training

Work with a Certified Personal Trainer to develop a customized work out that considers all your needs, health concerns, and personal goals.

Sessions available by appointment to Upland Hills Health Therapy & Wellness Center Members.



Personal Trainer Sara Thayer is available for one-on-one workout coaching.

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