Services: Dialysis

Upland Hills Health provides its surrounding communities with a Dialysis Center and a dedicated team to staff the center. There are approximately 5,549 people in Wisconsin who need dialysis on an on-going basis, and 400,801 people throughout the United States.  

Those who receive dialysis suffer from kidney disease and dysfunction, and their lives rely on receiving dialysis treatment regularly. 

About 30% of people with Type 1 (juvenile onset) diabetes and anywhere from 10-40% of those with Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes will develop kidney disease and have to go on dialysis.  Maintaining blood pressure can help decrease the odds of developing kidney disease.




Individuals who need dialysis must receive it three times a week, for approximately four hours each time.

During a four hour treatment, a patient's blood circulates through a filter to remove toxins and fluids in the patient's body.

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

6:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Upland Hills Health accepts most types of insurances, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private pay.


For more information, please contact Christy Pier via email;


Our Dialysis Center houses 12 dialysis machines, each of the machines costing approximately $12,500.  We are at our maximum service level, providing service to 18 dialysis patients every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  In addition to the 18 dialysis patients, we also have people waiting to recieve dialysis at our center. 

The Upland Hills Health Foundation, among other donors, have made our Dialysis Center a reality; any donations or contributions you would like to make to the Dialysis Center can be facilitated through the Upland Hills Health Foundation.

If you would like to make a donation or contribution please contact Tammie Richter, the Foundation Director, at 930-8000, ext:  4851