Your cooperation is appreciated.

Upland Hills Health, Inc. provides an environment which allows flexibility in visitor numbers and hours of visitation. At the same time, we need to control the spread of infectious diseases and maintain a restful atmosphere.

Upland Hills Health, Inc. recognizes patient visitation rights, including:
  • informing patients of their visitation rights and clinical restriction or limitations,
  • allowing patients to choose the visitors they want and do not want to visit,
  • allowing patient to have flexible visiting hours,
  • treating visitors in a fair and equal manner (non-discriminatory), and
  • allowing visitors equal visitation privileges based on patient choice.
Upland Hills Health, Inc.’s primary focus is to provide care, safety and well-being to all its patients and residents, so visiting restrictions/limitation may be applied.

Visiting hours may be restricted or closed based on clinical needs or for reasons the hospital deems necessary.  Examples of clinical needs include:

  • Visiting interferes with the care, rest or privacy of the patient/resident or other patients/residents,
  • Visitor displays disruptive, threatening or violent behavior(s) of any kind,
  • We are aware of an existing court order restricting contact,
  • An outbreak of flu or any widespread communicable disease in the community (at the Nursing and Rehab Center, please look for signs during flu season),
  • Indications of a disease of possible epidemic proportions, or
  • There is a community disaster.

Upland Hills Health reserves the right to determine any other situation where it is necessary to limit visitation.

General Visiting Guidelines:

  • Visiting after 9:00 p.m. Visitors must register at the nursing station. If you plan to leave the inpatient area, tell a staff person. If you plan to return to the inpatient area, tell the Emergency Department Admission staff, so you can be escorted to the inpatient area.  For patient safety and care, re-access to the inpatient areas is limited.     
  • Patients/residents may wish to have a support person present to learn how to assist the patient with their return to recovery after discharge and for emotional support during the hospital stay.
  • A pediatric patient may have an adult stay at all times.
  • When children visit patients/resident, they must be supervised by an adult at all times. Should children become restless or disruptive, you will be asked to take the children from the care area.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate visits by the clergy. You are encouraged to contact your clergy if you would like a visit. A clergy list is available for the patient/resident and nursing station. If you need assistance contacting clergy, speak with staff.
  • We ask that you do not visit if you are or have been ill during the past seven days.
  • Please do not sit or lie on vacant beds.
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  • If visiting in multiple areas, visit the Birthing Unit before other areas.
  • Be mindful and respectful of the rights of other patients and residents.
  • Do not take food or beverages, including alcoholic beverages, to the patients/residents without first speaking with the nursing staff.
  • Visitors may not take guns or weapons into Upland Hills Health.
  • At the Nursing and Rehab Center, please refer to the Resident Rights Access and Visitation Rights. 

Birthing Unit Visiting Hours/Guidelines:

Spouse/domestic partner/support person is encouraged to stay with the mother as much as possible. Sleeping accommodations are provided for one person.


  • Anyone planning to attend the delivery must have the consent of the mother.
  • Sibling attendance at delivery requires prior authorization from the physician. In addition, siblings must be chaperoned.The attending physician may limit the number of persons who attend the delivery. Generally no more than two persons are allowed.
  • When general anesthesia is required, visitors will be asked to step out.

Emergency Room / Urgent Care:

  • Visitors report to the Emergency Department Admissions Desk. The Emergency Department is notified by the Emergency Department Admissions staff.  Visitors are not admitted through the emergency ambulance entrance unless accompanied by staff.
  • Visitors are escorted by an Emergency Department Admissions or Emergency Department staff member to the patient’s room.

Outpatient Areas / Day Surgery / Post-anesthesia Care Unit (PACU):

  • Generally one visitor is allowed during admission to day surgery. Exceptions may be made for parents of small children.
  • Visiting in the PACU is at the discretion of the RN in charge and based on patient volume as well as need to protect privacy of patients emerging from anesthesia. One parent is allowed to stay with a small child.
  • A volunteer or staff member will contact you to arrange a meeting with the surgeon after the surgery.

Isolation Patient:

  • When a No Visitors sign, Color-Coded Isolation Precaution sign or Keep Door Closed sign is posted on the door, please check at the nurses' station before entering the patient's room.
  • The Color-Coded Isolation Precaution sign is the symbol used for a person requiring some type of isolation to protect staff and visitors from infectious material.
  • Personal protective equipment is available to decrease chance of exposure. Staff can instruct you on its use.
  • It is recommended that children do not visit patients in isolation.  This recommendation is for the children's safety and protection.
  • Please wash your hands when leaving the isolation room.
  • The staff will be glad to provide you the patient's phone number to allow you to visit by phone.