Services: Your Hospital Bill - What you need to know

Separate Visits– Separate Accounts

Each time you receive services at Upland Hills Health, a separate account will be created.

Deductibles & Co-Pays

Payment of deductibles, co-pays and non-covered expenses will be requested at the time of service. This payment will be reflected on your billing statement.

Filing a Claim with Your Insurance Company

We will automatically file a patient's claim with their insurance company as a courtesy. This initiates the payment process in the most timely manner.

Who's responsible?

Financial responsibility rests with the patient or the patient's representative (guarantor).Health insurance is a contract with the patient and the patient's carrier.

If a patient's health insurance does not make payment within a reasonable period of time (usually 60 days) and does not respond to our attempts to resolve payment matters,Upland Hills Health will then bill the patient.

Upland Hills Health will attempt to provide all information to your insurance company. However there are times that the insurance company requires information from a patient to resolve issues related to a claim.

Upland Hills Health will not be involved in disputes arising from personal injury claims. If verified by your employer,Upland Hills Health will file your Worker Compensation claims.

Who Will Bill Me?

When receiving care at Upland Hills Health,patients may receive more than one bill. Typically patients receive bills from the hospital and from their doctor.

Also,depending on the care received,patients may receive bills from independent areas of expertise available at Upland Hills Health—for example: radiologists, pathologists or other physician specialists.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

  • Cash
  • Personal or Insurance Check
  • Bankcard-Visa or MasterCard
  • Pre-approved payment arrangement

When is an Account Considered Past Due?

An account is past due if:

  • Full payment is not received and no approved payment arrangements have been made.
  • There is no response to requested information through letters and / or telephone calls.
  • Required application forms for hospital assistance (Community Care) programs have not been completed and returned.

What is Community Care?

Community Care is a program Upland Hills Health developed to help patients pay their hospital bill. If you don't have insurance,or you are facing a large balance after insurance has paid,talk to our Patient Benefit Specialists to determine if you are eligible.

What is a Patient Benefit Specialist?

Upland Hills Health Patient Benefit Specialists are specially trained staff that offer expertise in various insurance plans,payment plan opportunities,and payment options.

They are a resource for patients—helping explain a patient's insurance,rights and responsibilities. If you have questions about your bill or need to establish a payment arrangement for an outstanding balance simply call our Patient Benefit Specialists to set up a meeting.

Upland Hills Health Mission

We are committed to providing the ideal patient experience. That means quality care and compassionate service—right down to the billing experience.

Let us help you understand patient billing practices

Unfortunately, billing and collection for health care can be confusing. We work with patients in a positive and proactive approach to help settle accounts in the most timely and convenient manner. Our expertise with insurance plans and payment options help patients find a payment solution that works for them.

Patient Confidentiality

Protecting a patient's privacy is of the utmost importance. Accounts can only be discussed with the patient or their approved representative.

Patient Benefit Specialists are available: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm or by appointment

To speak with a Patient Benefit Specialist, call: (608) 930-7108 or (608) 930-7168