To schedule an appointment, talk with your family doctor or call the specialist at the numbers listed below.

Allergy Dr. Allan Luskin Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Audiology Brenda Rubert, AuD, CCC-A Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative 930-7184
Cardiology Dr. Brian Bachhuber Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Dr. Sheng-Jing Dong Dean Medical Center 937-7000
  Dr. Jeffrey Kushner Dean Medical Center  937-7000
Dermatology Dr. Jennifer Peterson Peterson Dermatology 574-5044
  Sarah Motl, PA-C Dean/St. Mary's Venture 935-1151
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Dr. Jason Isenberg Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Dr. Michael H McDonald Meriter Hospital/UW Health



Gastroenterology Dr. Michael Allan Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Neurology Dr. Michael Frucht Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Dr. Oliver Ni Dean Medical Center 937-7000

Dr. Barbara Hostetler

Upland Hills Health 930-7115
Dr. Brenton Jenkins Upland Hills Health 930-7115
Oncology Dr. Yamil Arbaje Dean Medical Center 937-7000
(surgery procedures)
Dr. Mary Jo Oyen Dean/St. Mary's Venture 930-7143
Orthopedic Surgery Dr. James Self Upland Hills Health 930-7187
  Melissa Messer, PA-C Upland Hills Health 930-7187
Pain Management Dr. Maher Fattouh Advanced Pain Management 888-901-7246
Pediatric Cardiology Dr. J. Carter Ralphe UW Health 930-7187
Physical Medicine
and Rehabilitation
Dr. Courtney Hogendorn Meriter Hospital 608-267-6175
Dr. William Fowler Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
Independent Services, SC
Podiatry Dr. William Chubb Associated Podiatrists 930-7187
Dr. Thomas Zirkel Dean/St. Mary’s Venture 935-3301
Pulmonary & Critical
Care Medicine
Dr. William Donovan Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Dr. Baher Habeeb Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Rheumatology Dr. Virginia Wilson Dean/St. Marys Venture 935-3301
Sleep Disorders Dr. William Donovan Dean Medical Center 937-7000
Urology Dr. Andrew Graf  UW Health/Physicians Plus 930-7187
Dr. Jennifer Maskel Dean Medical Center 937-7000
  Dr. Norman Richards Dean Medical Center 937-7000

Our Doctors... have studied at accredited medical colleges, interned at teaching hospitals nationwide, and have obtained their Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degrees.  They have chosen to bring their skill and expertise to Upland Hills Health.

Although most of our doctors are not our employees, they have been credentialed with privileges to provide medical and surgical care within our facilities.

When you visit a specialist at Upland Hills Health, park in our west parking lot for easier access.