Upland Hills Health
2011 Report to the Community...

Our Mission...

We are a community-minded healthcare system providing innovative, individualized and compassionate care for every stage of life.

Our Vision...

To exemplify the highest standard of community healthcare and inspire patients to take an active role in their health through wellness-oriented care.

Our Values...

  • Sensible – Approach decisions in a practical way, guided by common sense.
  • Holistic – Focus on the patient as a whole person and not a set of symptoms.
  • Affordable – Bring care to all who need it.
  • Respectful – Treat all as we want to be treated.
  • Inspirational – Be the standard of community health and wellness.
  • Nurturing – Provide medical care with support and encouragement.
  • Genuine – Show honest concern for those we serve and passion for what we do.

Upland Hills Health is a non-profit organization guided by a Board of Trustees consisting of dedicated community leaders that generously volunteer their time and talents.

The History of Upland Hills Health

Upland Hills Health was formed as the result of a merger of two Dodgeville hospitals: St. Joseph's Hospital and Dodgeville General Hospital. They came together in 1974 as a united non-profit organization, as Memorial Hospital of Iowa County, Inc. In 2001 the corporate identity was changed to Upland Hills Health to reflect a growing service area and expanded health services. Read more about the history of the two hospitals...

Upland Hills Health Board of Trustees

Providing Guidance….
The Board of Trustees continues to demonstrate great leadership in developing and preparing Board members, as well as the administration and managers with the proper knowledge, education and tools to soundly move forward and meet the challenges of healthcare in Southwest Wisconsin. Ongoing efforts enable the Board to be strong leaders, aware of hospital nursing home, and community needs and national healthcare trends.

Board of Trustees

Jody Vanderloo, Chairperson, Dodgeville
Brad Laufenberg, Vice Chairperson, Highland
Ted Greenheck, Treasurer, Spring Green
Jim Massey, Secretary, Barneveld
Peg Koehler, Trustee, Mineral Point
John Thronson, Trustee, Hollandale
Dr. Kathryn Dalsing, Trustee, Dodgeville
Linda Taplin Statz, Trustee, Madison
Todd Burchill, Trustee, Madison

How to Contact Upland Hills Health

Upland Hills Health, Inc.  
800 Compassion Way
P.O. Box 800
Dodgeville, WI 53533-0800

If you have specific questions about your health or need to contact your physician, please call his or her clinic directly. The email address below is not intended to receive protected health information, nor can specific medical questions be answered from it.
Thank you.

 Email: UHH_Community_Relations@uplandhillshealth.org
Main Phone (608) 930-8000
Fax (608) 930-7250
TDD (608) 930-0008
Physicians See our
For Appointments or Visits:
UHH Physician Specialists (608) 930-7230
Dean Specialty Clinic (608) 937-7000
Home Care (608) 930-7210
Hospice (608) 930-7210
Nursing & Rehab Center (608) 930-7600

Therapy & Wellness Center
(physical, occupational or speech therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic)

(608) 930-7147
Cardiac (Heart) Rehab (608) 930-7160
Pulmonary (Lung) Rehab (608) 930-7160
Dermatology (608) 935-1151
Other Direct Dial Numbers

(608) 930-7200

ext. 4001

Community Relations (608) 930-7112
Employment Opportunities (608) 930-7105
Foundation (608) 930-7169
Insurance Questions  
(Medicare or Medicaid) (608) 930-7106
(Commercial Insurance or HMOs) (608) 930-7107
Self-Pay Payment Questions
(or payments after insurance)
(608) 930-7108
Volunteer Opportunities (608) 930-7113


Our Administrative Team works very hard to provide the best quality healthcare, in a cost-effective manner for our communities.

Lisa Schnedler —President and CEO
Karl Pustina—Vice President of Finance
Lynn Hebgen—Vice President of Nursing

How to Find Upland Hills Health

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Jont Commission - National Quality Approval

Joint Commission Accreditation

Upland Hills Health is accredited by the Joint Commission.

What does Joint Commission accreditation mean?

Accreditation encompasses standards-setting, evaluation, and educational activities. Thus, one unique characteristic of the Joint Commission accreditation is the breadth and diversity of services provided under an umbrella that is national in scope and recognition.

The Joint Commission standards represent a national consensus on quality patient care that reflects changing health care practices and delivery trends. What this means to you is confidence in your local hospital and health provider.

What is the most important reason for becoming Joint Commission accredited?

Improving the quality of patient care. Accreditation signifies our commitment to quality and quality improvement. It represents a touchstone against which we can judge the quality of our organization.

We take the fact that you trust us with your personal healthcare information very seriously.

As one of your chosen healthcare providers, we are committed to protect against the inappropriate use of your personal information. And, with the introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) we are now regulated by the federal government to continue our long-standing commitment to patient privacy.

Rest assured, we take these regulations very seriously and will work vigorously to adhere to their standards -- and yours.

Learn more about our privacy practices and your privacy rights as a patient at Upland Hills Health. Click here to read our detailed Privacy Notice.

We take our responsibility seriously 

America's hospitals are about people taking care of people, often at the most vulnerable times in their life - a responsibility hospitals take very seriously.

Day in and day out, the people of America's hospitals are on the front lines caring for the nation's  poor, uninsured and other patients in their communities. Hospitals are a vital part of their communities.


Click this "Caring for Communities" icon
to learn more about the important role
of hospitals in America's health system.



Upland Hills Health is affiliated with the following organizations:

Requests for Contributions and Community Support

Upland Hills Health desires to serve our local communities and support meaningful projects that enhance the quality of life in our service area.  Requests for contributions, charity advertising, corporate sponsorships, local fundraisers and other solicitations are considered in a consistent, fair and timely manner. 
Because we are a non-profit charitable organization, ourselves, our support is typically in the form of program advertising.  We often support local fundraising projects by donating raffle items or door prizes.  We seldom make outright gifts of cash.
Upland Hills Health has a "Solicitation Worksheet" available to those who would like their requests considered.  Requests should be submitted in writing and utilize the worksheet format.