Services: Emergency & Urgent Care

EMS Strong, EMS Week 2015


EMS STRONG  May 17-23 we pause to celebrate EMS Week and say THANK YOU to all of the volunteer men and women who offer their time and commitment to provide and essential service to our communities. They are there for all of us, when seconds count. They are EMS Strong!  Thank your local volunteers today!

Upland Hills Health is grateful to all of the following EMS groups in our area: 
Ambulance Services: Arena, Avoca, Barneveld, Belmont, Blanchardville, Darlington, Dodgeville, Fennimore, Highland, Lone Rock, Mineral Point, Montfort, Mount Horeb, Muscoda, Spring Green
First Responders: Cobb, Hollandale, Linden, Livingston, Rewey, Ridgeway
Transport Agencies: Baraboo, Curtis, Paramount, Ryan Brothers


Upland Hill Health Emergency Services

24 Hours a Day.
365 Days a Year.

Upland Hills Health Emergency Department staff is ready when you need us, averaging less than 10 minutes "Door to Doc" time. A doctor is on staff 24/7. In fact, the same emergency care experts that serve St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison are at work in the Upland Hills Health Emergency Department.

Madison Emergency Physicians (MEP) joins the dedicated and skilled Emergency Department staff to provide the very best care in the most dire situations. The skill and knowledge of our ER department benefits every patient—whether emergency or urgent care.

Isn’t it comforting to know that the very best care is waiting for you in Dodgeville—if you need it?

Learn more about MEP doctors:
Madison Emergency Physicians

Urgent Care

"Urgent Care" services are offered at Upland Hills Health, Inc. It's for those times when you can't wait for a clinic appointment, and you'd rather not pay for an Emergency visit.

Our nurses will determine your urgent or emergency status when you arrive. Urgent care rates are lower than ER rates.

Urgent Care Hours:

Weeknights from 5 PM to 10 PM
Weekends from 9 AM to 10 PM
All Holidays