Services: Pharmacy Services

The Upland Hills Health Pharmacy is committed to providing exceptional pharmaceutical care to those we serve—our patients, our medical staff, and our allied health staff.

Our pharmacists and technicians provide services 365 days a year, internally to both medical staff and patients, including preparing sterile doses for medications that are administered by intravenous infusion. The pharmacy also provides a limited number of outpatient prescriptions to patients through the Upland Hills Health Homecare and Hospice program. 

The Pharmacy staff is dedicated to exceptional service for patients at Upland Hills Health. Pictured are some members of the Pharmacy staff.

Services Provided

Our staff is involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical care for our patients, including:

  • Daily monitoring of inpatient profiles for allergy screening, appropriate dosage and any drug-drug or drug-food interactions
  • Assuring a smooth medication transition for patients being admitted to the hospital, by obtaining medication history for the patients
  • Providing drug information to all UHH patients and staff members
  • Partnering with physicians and nutritional services to offer parenteral nutritional therapy 

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