Quality and Pricing


Gold Stars 600

We are proud to have recently received a 5-Star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), as a result of our concentrated quality efforts. Read more, including links to criteria.

Every hospital tracks its qualty measures in order to ensure they are delivering efficient, safe, quality care to its patients. Upland Hills Health takes quality very seriously--it's our responsibility to our community. 

Medicare provides a web-based tool called Hospital Compare that allows patients to compare hospital scores on the more than 57 quality measures that CMS collects. You can access Hospital Compare at:

Quarterly Quality Measures Report

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It's important to understand the cost of your care, in order to plan for payment. Wipricepoint.org offers patients estimates for common procedures at hospitals across the state. Many people use the site to compare pricing for procedures between hospitals. 
If you'd like a more detailed personal estimate, please contact one of our price estimate specialists:

Nicole at 608.930.7200 ex. 4170
Kate at 608.930.7200 ex. 4171

Thank You for Letting us Serve You!

Here is a snapshot of the volume of patients we had the privilege to serve in 2017:

Volume Infographic