How are you sleeping?

Sadie Olson has been a RPSGT (Registered Polysomnographic Technologist) since 2005 at Upland Hills Health and also holds her CCSH (Certification in Clinical Sleep Health). She conducts sleep studies on site in Dodgeville and in patients’ homes, educates patients and the community about sleep health and serves the community through the Dodgeville Area Ambulance Service.

Are you caught up on sleep from the famous “spring forward” weekend? Daylight savings time can take a toll on our sleep. But I would ask you, how is your sleep in general? Do you feel well rested? Are you tired during the day?

This week (March 14-20th) is Sleep Awareness Week. We at Upland Hills Health encourage you to prioritize good sleep to achieve an optimal quality of life and improve health. This can be in terms of both quality and quantity. It is important to remember that sleep is involved with many physiologic systems such as memory consolidation, control of inflammation, hormone regulation, cardiovascular regulation and many other important functions. Therefore, insufficient sleep duration and poor sleep quality will be associated with several significant adverse health outcomes. Reduced sleep duration has been shown to cause impairments in cognitive and executive function, while poor sleep has been associated with poor mental health. (

Chronic sleep deprivation can be caused by a number of different reasons. With over 80 listed sleep disorders, and more that are being researched, it’s important for people suffering from the various types of sleep disorders to seek medical treatment. If you believe that your sleep problems may be caused by a disorder, there are many things you can do to solve your sleep issues from DIY tips and tricks such as practicing better sleep hygiene, to contacting a sleep clinic to discuss sleep issues and possibly schedule a sleep study.

If you feel your sleep is a problem and would like to discuss it, we encourage you to talk to your provider or contact the Upland Hills Health Sleep Disorders Center to see one of our qualified sleep providers. Sleep well!

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