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Michelle Esser, R.N., is the director of Home Care and Hospice services at Upland Hills Health.



Upland Hills Health (UHH) offers both in-home care for patients who have trouble traveling to a doctor’s appointment AND Hospice care for patients and families who want to make the most of their last days together.

Here are some Quick Facts about the Home Care and Hospice services we offer to our area.

  • UHH Home Care and Hospice has been providing care in one shape or another to patients in our communities for 37 years. Home Care was started in June of 1984 and Hospice in December of 1993.
  • Hospice can coordinate transportation for a patient hospitalized at Upland Hills Health, who will be admitted to Hospice…..
  • Hospice also can coordinate and arrange medications on the day of admission. This is possible because we work with our very own UHH Pharmacy!
  • Home Care and Hospice RNs are on call after hours 365 days a year. We are here to assist you.
  • Home Care services includes Registered Nurses, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Hospice provides families with Registered Nurses, a Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners, a Medical Social Worker, a chaplain, and volunteers. Both services also include CNAs.
  • Our Home Care and Hospice staff stick around. Our scheduler, Jennifer Shaffer, has been employed by Upland Hills Health for 33 years. Jennifer started in Home Care as a CNA.
  • On average, we have 55-72 patients receiving Home Care. For Hospice, we serve an average of 15-22 patients.

Does my insurance work with Upland Hills Health?

It’s one of the most common questions our patient financial services experts get.

Most people are surprised to learn that Upland Hills Health works with a wide range of health plan and PPOs. We are an independent, nonprofit healthcare organization, always pursuing additional insurance carriers that service our communities.


Most frequently used insurance plans:

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