Something Special: Our Hospitalist Program

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Lisa Schnedler is the President and CEO of Upland Hills Health.

We have used the expression “Something special is happening here” as we refer to our building project, but this month it goes far beyond the changes to our facility.

This month I am happy to announce that Upland Hills Health will launch our hospitalist program. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Ingrid Berg and Dr. Sara Rybarczyk who are coming on board mid-April to be the first hospitalist physicians employed by UHH.

What is a hospitalist? Hospitalists are doctors who are board-certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and specialize in caring for patients in the hospital. Hospitalists are generalist physicians who take on the role of managing a patient’s hospital care, returning the patient to his or her primary-care physician at the time of discharge.

Employing a hospitalist increases the availability of a doctor to patients (and their families) in our hospital. At the same time, it allows primary care doctors to be more available to patients within their clinics.

Is this a new idea? The term “hospitalist” was coined in 1996. Over the past 22 years,
this specialty has developed and represents a substantial innovation in healthcare.
Today, many hospitals employ hospitalists to:
enhance quality of care,
reduce patient stay times. and
reduce patient re-admissions.

Studies show substantially lower costs and shorter lengths of stay–with no adverse effects on outcomes or patient satisfaction–are associated with the implementation of a hospitalist program.

Today, the American Hospital Association estimates there are about 50,000 hospitalists in the U.S., making it the fastest-growing specialty in medical history.

We are pleased to be providing this additional layer of support for our primary care providers and this additional of layer of care to the patients in our hospital.|

Hear from the new providers and learn more:



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