Volunteering: Helping YOU While YOU Help Others

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Dee McConnell is the Volunteer Services Coordinator at Upland Hills Health. Dee places and works with volunteers in the hospital, nursing and rehab center, and hospice. If you are interested in volunteering your time at UHH, please call her at 608.930.7113.

Most of us would agree that volunteering is a great way to help our community and have a positive impact on others, but what we don’t often think about is how helping others actually helps each of us as individuals. Volunteering offers physical and mental benefits for YOU, as well as impacting the organization to which you choose to donate your time.

How does volunteering help YOU? We know volunteering helps others and our community, but research shows that volunteering actually helps YOU, the volunteer, in a variety of ways.

Results of a 2017 study published in BMS Public Health, about the health benefits of volunteering show that volunteering helps “mental and physical health, life satisfaction, social well-being and depression.”

A 2017 Doing Good Is Good for You Study conducted by United Healthcare and VolunteerMatch reports the following statistics:

94% of volunteers reported an enriched sense of purpose
88% noted improved self-esteem
93% noted an improvement in mood
79% experienced lower stress levels

The research shows that volunteering is good for YOU, and Upland Hills Health is a great place to start volunteering!

Volunteer Locally

Volunteering allows you to connect with others, use and develop skills, share your talents, and explore careers and develop job skills. Becoming part of the amazing Upland Hills Health team is a great option. We have a wide variety of volunteer positions which offer many opportunities in the hospital, nursing and rehab center, and hospice. We are always looking for new volunteers! Help your overall well-being while assisting staff, patients, and families at Upland Hills Health.

To check out the various volunteer positions available and current openings, click the following link: https://www.uplandhillshealth.org/auxiliary-volunteers/volunteer-roles/#CurrentVolOpenings

Upland Hills Health has over 100 active volunteers ranging from volunteens to senior volunteers. In 2017 our devoted volunteers logged more than 7,000 service hours.

This year we have added our talented Caring Crafters group which has already logged more than 560 hours in four months.

Interested in volunteering at UHH?

Start with our volunteer application, by following this link: https://www.uplandhillshealth.org/auxiliary-volunteers/volunteer-application/
You can submit your application to mcconnelld@uplandhillshealth.org, mail it, or drop it off at the Volunteer Services Office.

Our Valuable Volunteers are making a difference. Stop in, say hello, and let Volunteer Services help YOU while YOU help others. Please feel free to call the Volunteer Services Department at (608)930-7113 with any questions you have.

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