Building on Exceptional Care

From time to time, we are asked, “Why does Upland Hills Health need this new building? The current building looks so nice!” We agree that the current building is very attractive and needs little work. Our staff does an amazing job at ensuring that our facilities are clean, attractive, and patient friendly.

The new building is needed to meet the current and anticipated ways that health care is delivered, to be even more patient friendly by making it easier to get to where you are going, to meet current building codes, and to help us attract and retain the medical staff we need to serve our patients well.


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A New Birthing Unit

  • Five labor, delivery, recover, postpartum rooms for moms-to-be
  • A C-section suite on the same floor to provide efficient emergency deliveries
  • Jetted bathtubs in every room for pain management and comfort
  • Plenty of room for loved ones to participate, if you choose

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New Surgical Suites and Recovery Area

  • Two operating rooms designed for all forms of surgeries, including joint replacements, eye surgeries, sinus surgeries, urologic surgeries and colonoscopies
  • Equipment that feeds patient results right into the medical record, much larger space to accommodate equipment, with the ability to accommodate robotic surgery in the future
  • Expanded prep and recovery spaces--15 private rooms for patients getting ready for and recovering from surgery
  • A shorter wait when scheduling surgeries and important screenings

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New Patient Rooms

  • Updated, comfortable rooms with healing views of green spaces, that will accomodate the latest equipment efficiently
  • Three comfortable visitor lounges
  • A private family education room, where you can discuss the care that your family member is receiving and may be needed when they return home
  • Rooms designed with the highest levels of patient privacy and safety in mind

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See what has been completed and what's to come!

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Upland Hills Health continues to deliver on a promise that goes back over 100 provide exceptional healthcare to our communities. We are planning to be here for another century and beyond. We will be asking you to partner with us on this special project.

Support Your Family. Our Promise. Campaign

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Watch drone footage of the project from the outside