Upland Hills Health Community Run/Walk

Kick off the run/walk season with us at our Annual Community Run/Walk Event!  The event will include a 1 mile Kids Run, a 5K Run (timed), 5K walk, and a Pavilion Track Walk.  We offer an option for any age and ability to participate!  Have the COURAGE to start...STRENGTH to endure...and the RESOLVE to finish.  

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Proceeds from this event will help fund our local STOP THE BLEED initiative to supply local public facilities with STOP THE BLEED supply packs.  (Packs contain tourniquets and packing supplies.)  We are starting with our schools. We would love to give out enough supplies so that every school in our service area has several. One in every classroom would be the best! Please help us do it.  -- Just like knowing how to perform CPR, knowing how to STOP BLEEDING saves lives. 

You will find the route map below.  Click here  to register online.  

IN THE MEANTIME, if you are interested in getting yourself ready for the run/walk season, check out our  Recliner to Walking a 5K program (for beginners who are interested in completing a 5K walk), or the Walking a 5K to Running a 5K program (for those interested in completing a 5K run):  If you are interested in training with others and receiving motivation and encouragement along the way, join our private Facebook Group:  On Our Way to 5K.  

NOTE:  Only registrations received by Tuesday, April 1, 2018  will include a FREE t-shirt.  

Check out the route maps below and keep walking all summer!

COURAGE to start... STRENGTH to endure... and the RESOLVE to finish.



2016 Run Walk Route Maps WEB

Thursday, May 10, 2018
5 - 7 p.m.
Harris Park, Dodgeville, WI

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