Dodgeville Medical Center of Upland Hills Health

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Family Medicine with Obstetrics
1204 Joseph Street,3100, Dodgeville, WI 53533
To reach this clinic, call 608.935.2308

To reach the Hospital, call 608.930.8000
To reach the Upland Hills Health Specialty Clinic, call 608.930.7115

Business Hours:

 8 AM TO 5 PM  Walk ins are not accepted. You must call ahead to make an appointment.

Other clinics located in Dodgeville

Access to a Top Hospital

Seeing a provider at Upland Hills Health Clinic in Barneveld provides a path to all of the services at the Upland Hills Health Hospital in Dodgeville. This has its advantages…

  • Upland Hills Health is easy to get to, with no traffic. 
  • Extraordinary Urgent and Emergency Care provided by Madison Emergency Physicians with impressively short wait times…on average you’ll be seen by a doctor in our Emergency Dept in less than 10 minutes.
  • On-site Lab and Imaging with access to Madison Radiologists means tools for fast diagnostic testing available to you and your doctor.
  • If you want personal attention with less hassle – Upland Hills Health is a great choice.