Upland Hills Health Highland Clinic


UHH Family Medicine Clinic in Highland

Insurance Plans Accepted
723 N. Main Street, Highland, WI 53543
Fax: 608.929.7697

Business Hours:

To conserve staff and resources as we battle COVID-19 exposure, this clinic is temporarily CLOSED.
Hometown Prescriptions Services available within the clinic.

Access to a Top Hospital

Seeing a provider at Upland Hills Health Clinic in Highland provides a path to all of the services at the Upland Hills Health Hospital in Dodgeville. This has its advantages…

  • Upland Hills Health is right on the South edge of Dodgeville, just 25 minutes from Highland.
  • It's easy to get to, with no traffic. 
  • Extraordinary Urgent and Emergency Care provided by Madison Emergency Physicians with impressively short wait times…on average you’ll be seen by a doctor in our Emergency Dept in less than 10 minutes.
  • On-site Lab and Imaging with access to Madison Radiologists means tools for fast diagnostic testing available to you and your doctor.
  • If you want personal attention with less hassle – Upland Hills Health is a great choice.