Upland Hills Health in Mineral Point

As Upland Hills Health expands our presence in Mineral Point, updates will be posted here as they happen. 


Mineral Point Medical Center-Upland Hills Health Partnership

In early July, Upland Hills Health (UHH) and Mineral Point Medical Center (MPMC) announced their intention to affiliate. MPMC Clinic Manager Andrea Kinch said at the time, “Our providers will be able to focus their efforts on patients while utilizing the strength and foundation of UHH to navigate the changing healthcare landscape. We have worked side by side for many years and are excited for this opportunity to unify in a more formal way.”

As meetings continue into September between UHH administration and MPMC providers to finalize the details of the affiliation, Lisa Schnedler explained, “UHH accepts the same insurance plans that MPMC does and that’s not going to change. So if you are currently using the Mineral Point Medical Center for care, you don’t have to worry about switching.”


Schnedler addressed other concerns and questions as well, stating, “At this time, we intend to keep the clinic on High Street open as the location for Mineral Point Medical Center. You can continue to call the same number as you always have for appointments, and we hope to have more details to share with you in October.”

Will the Mineral Point Medical Center on High Street stay open?
Yes. Both the Mineral Point Medical Center and the Dodgeville Medical Center will remain open, in their current locations.

Will my insurance plan still be accepted at the clinic?
Yes. Upland Hills Health also maintains agreements with nearly all major health plans including Dean, Quartz, Physicians Plus a broad range of PPOs, Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

Do I have to find a new doctor?
For most patients of the Mineral Point Medical Center, very little will change. UHH administrators are meeting with MPMC providers during the month of September to work through the details of their partnership.

  • Dr. Kent Kramer has chosen to pursue emergency medicine exclusively and will no longer see patients in a clinic setting.
  • Dr. Jodi McGraw recently announced her plans. She will be changing practice locations to the UHH Mount Horeb Clinic and the UHH Spring Green Clinic. She will see patients at the new UHH Barneveld Clinic when it opens in mid-November. 

Further details of the partnership, and of additional providers that will be coming to the Mineral Point Medical Center will be announced as they are finalized.

UHH MP Front Rendering

Mineral Point Therapy Center

OPENING: Spring 2019 at 1050 Branger Drive (Current Subway restaurant location)
Featuring: Aquatic, Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies

Who can use the MP Therapy Center?
Anyone requiring physical, occupational or speech therapy as recommended by their physician.

Can the public use the pool?
The public will be allowed to use the pool for exercise during open time slots.The therapy pool features an underwater treadmill. Its primary purpose is for physical rehabilitation. Patients with therapy appointments will have priority. 

Will Subway move to a new location?
The plan is for Subway to remain at this location.

Mineral Point Fitness Center

OPENING: October 2018 at 1802 Ridge Street (former Sandstone Nursery location)
Featuring: Treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, NuStep, free motion cable strength equipment, free weights, Smith machine, Olympic bars, dumbbells

What equipment will be available?
The fitness center will include a variety of cardio equipment and free weights for members to use.
We plan to hold an open house on October 13, 2018. Watch for details!

What will membership fees be?
Memberships are available as 3-month, 6-month or 12-month, as well as a post-therapy membership plan.

  Individual Individual +1 Senior Senior + Senior Family 
3-month $90.00 $105.00 $60.00 $69.00 $120.00
6-month $180.00 $210.00 $120.00 $138.00 $240.00
12-month $360.00 $420.00 $240.00 $276.00 $480.00

Post-therapy memberships are available to individuals within 30 days of their discharge from physical therapy, at a cost of $20 per month for 2 months.

To purchase your membership, please call 608.930.7147 or you can visit the Mineral Point Fitness location to sign up during the following times:

Monday, October 1: 8 am-10 am
Wednesday, October 3: 4 pm-6 pm
Friday, October 5: 8 am-10 am
Tuesday, October 9: 8 am-10 am
Thursday, October 11: 4 pm-6 pm
Friday, October 12: 8 am-10 am

If I buy a membership at Mineral Point Fitness Center, can I also use the Wellness Center in Dodgeville?
Yes. A membership at Mineral Point Fitness Center allows members to use the facility in Mineral Point and in Dodgeville. If you are a current member of the Wellness Center in Dogeville and would like to add on a Mineral Point membership, please contact the Therapy & Wellness Center at 608.930.7147.

What hours will it be open?
Initial open hours will be from 6 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week.