Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Team

Whether its out in the hay field or out on the soccer field...our athletic trainers help you get your mobility back!

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What we commonly call Sports Medicine is a field that deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries often related to sports or exercise. It covers everyone--athlete or non-athlete--and everything from ankle sprains and muscle strains to knee & shoulder injuries and fractures.

Our Athletic Trainers provide emergency care at area high school athletic events, clinics focused on increasing athletic performance while preventing injury, and rehabilitation of injuries when they do occur. They also work in the clinic alongside Dr. Self and Melissa Messer, in the training room and on-field settings to help evaluate and rehabilitate injured athletes with the goal of safe return to competition as quickly as possible. They work closely with coaches to design injury prevention and strengthening programs and with area physicians to expedite further medical follow-up when needed.

Our sports medicine team believes that proper conditioning and using proper form will improve performance and reduce the chances of injury. That's why we offer seasonal sports performance and conditioning classes and clinics.

For more information on Upland Hills Health athletic training and sports medicine services, please call (608) 930-7147.

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