Diagnostic Imaging

2017 Mammogram Slider _FB_graphicFrom X-rays for broken bones to mammograms and MRIs, our diagnostic imaging department has the best equipment and staff to provide you with a quick and accurate diagnosis.

For specific information about any of these imaging exams, please ask your healthcare provider or visit radiologyinfo.org.

Invested in using the latest technology


The Board of Trustees at Upland Hills Health is dedicated to providing the best diagnostic services and in 2014 invested in an impressive
three-part upgrade to its imaging services. This significant upgrade included state-of-the-art, in-house Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) designed to help maximize comfort for patients, Computed Tomography (CT scan) that provide images at decreased radiation (up to 40% lower dosage to the patient) and revolutionized fluoroscopy that creates real-time, moving images of inside the body.

3D mammography takes the detection of invasive breast cancers to the highest level at Upland Hills Health in Dodgeville.