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Our Women’s Health Care philosophy is to be a healthcare provider who will help you along your unique story line—not just treating you when you’re sick, but focusing on maintaining your overall health.

A woman’s life is divided into chapters that signify a particular period of her life. In each of these chapters, a woman has unique health needs. And Upland Hills Health is here for all of them. 

Chapter 1: Puberty and Adolescence 

Growing from a girl to a woman isn’t easy. There are many personal issues relating to the growth and development of young women. Upland Hills Health can help guide you through:

  • First physical exam
  • Menstruation
  • PMS relief
  • Birth control 

Chapter 2: Fertility and Pregnancy

When a woman decides to start having children, her health needs change from caring for one to maintaining the health of two (or more). Upland Hills Health has experts and resources for before conception through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Learn more about our Birthing Unit.

Download Getting Pregnant Resource

Download New Mom Resource

Chapter 3: Health Maintenance 

The years after a woman stops having children, but before menopause, are marked by an increased focus on sustaining overall health and wellness, including:  

  • Stress management
  • Incontinence care
  • Breast health
  • Pelvic health
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding evaluation and solutions, including Novasure
  • Bone and heart health

Chapter 4: Menopause 

Upland Hills Health offers several medical therapies to ease the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, such as estrogen patches, estrogen creams, pills and non-hormonal options. 

For Your Entire Story

There also are many health services a woman may need throughout her lifetime that are available at UHH, including:

  • Annual exams, screenings and primary care
  • Sleep disorder diagnosis
  • Healthy lifestyle guidance
  • Skin care
  • Physical therapy
  • Heart health
  • Medical weight loss
  • Bone health
  • Digestive health 
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