Heart, Lung & Sleep Center


Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation  |  Sleep Disorders Center  | EECP Therapy

The quality of the sleep you get, your diet, your level of activity and your level of stress can have a significant effect on your health – especially if you have a heart or lung condition. Rebuilding your health often means making significant lifestyle changes and the healthcare providers at the Upland Hills Health Heart, Lung & Sleep Center are helping people successfully turn their lives around every day. The treatments and programs available to you here are truly innovative and comparable to treatments available at larger centers with the added advantage of personal attention.

Through the Heart, Lung & Sleep Center, patients have access to:

  • Cardiac rehabilitation and testing
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation and testing
  • The only nationally accredited sleep center in southwestern Wisconsin
  • EECP therapy
  • Health maintenance programs

Cardiac Rehab: 20 Years of Success