Alexis’ Story

Alexis' Story For Alexis, her hip pain was so severe that even getting in and out of the car had become a chore. When friends invited her to a concert last summer, she even turned them down, for fear that her slow walking would be a hindrance to the group.

“My battle cry was ‘Go ahead, I’m coming!,’” Alexis said. When she realized how much the pain was affecting her life, she finally talked to her primary care physician and got a recommendation to see Dr. Self in Dodgeville. She met Dr. Self and immediately felt comfortable. She scheduled her hip replacement for August.

After surgery, Alexis committed to physical therapy to get range of motion and strength back. She describes therapy as “tremendously helpful” and repeatedly surprised herself in therapy sessions with what she was able to do over time.

“I’m very happy with the whole outcome,” she explained. “I’m thankful for Dr. Self, the whole team and all that were there for me. This hospital is amazing. Everyone who works here is a professional. My advice is that if you think something is wrong, get it checked out, then get a referral to Dr. Self. It might be a bit scary at first, but it’s worth it. I’m a happy, mobile person again and I’m on track to better for my grandkids in the long run!”

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