Right, then left: Jay’s Story

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It was the pain that finally drove Jay Lease into Dr. Self’s office in Dodgeville last summer. “My knees were so bad, I couldn’t walk anymore,” he explained. His walking had become extremely bowlegged, just to keep his balance and walk with as little pain as possible. As a mechanic, Jay described his situation as having ‘two flat tires: one’s on the rim and the other’s almost there.’ A replacement on his right knee last August was long overdue.

After meeting Dr. Self and Melissa Messer, Jay attended a Comfort In Motion class, where he learned just how much time and effort it was going to take to get the most successful result. He took that commitment the extra mile, renting the device used in the hospital to gently flex and extend the knee for his home, purchasing a cold therapy unit and signing up for an additional 2 months of Wellness Center access so he could continue his therapy after he was formally done.

“I’m normally a Madison guy, but Upland Hills Health was really my best choice. I can put on my boots now and walk around the junk yard with no pain. I just don’t have any pain in this knee anymore,” he said. In fact, Jay plans to do it all over again, with his left knee replacement scheduled for summer of 2018, in anticipation of regaining even more mobility.

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