Breast Health

Breast Health

Early Detection: Get a 3D Mammogram in Dodgeville

Early detection of breast cancer — with a 3D mammogram in Dodgeville for example — can save your life. Regular self-examinations, screenings like 3D mammograms and increased breast health awareness help improve outcomes. Expert review of abnormal mammograms, precision breast biopsy procedures and better surgical techniques and treatments all help to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Our breast health experts offer a full spectrum of care, including 3D mammograms, less invasive breast biopsy techniques, surgical options and follow-up care. We’ll help you reduce your risk, detect cancer earlier, treat it with the latest techniques and support you throughout recovery. The key is: Don’t wait. Schedule your 3D mammogram here in Dodgeville, and partner with the experts at Upland Hills Health for better breast health throughout your life.

Living with Breast Cancer

A lump. An abnormal mammogram. Breast biopsy, then … what? For many women, a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. One day you’re living life to the fullest, the next your world can feel like it’s falling apart. If it happens to you, you’re not alone: According to the American Cancer Society, U.S. women have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer, the second most-common cancer among women. While diagnosed cases are rising slightly, the survival rate among women over 50 is also increasing. That trend is thought to come from increased awareness, screenings like 3D mammogram to detect cancer earlier — and from better treatments. You can live with a breast cancer diagnosis. We’re here to help.

A Breakthrough in Breast Biopsy Comfort and Efficiency

Our passion to offer innovative tools that advance breast health drove the decision to bring the Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System and the Brevera Breast Biopsy System with Corluma Imaging Technology to patients at Upland Hills Health. This imaging technology allows physicians to make informed clinical decisions with confidence and save valuable time. Fast procedures mean less time that a patient is under compression and can result in a more positive patient experience.

Making Breast Cancer Surgery

Easier For Women


In seeking a more compassionate and precise approach to breast cancer tumor localization, Upland Hills Health has adopted the SAVI SCOUT® wire-free radar localization system during breast preserving surgeries. Localization refers to how the tissue that is to be removed is marked in order for the surgeon to locate it.

“The SAVI SCOUT system allows for a better overall experience. We get more precise targeting, convenience in scheduling and better outcomes, surgically and cosmetically,” explains Dr. Jared Linebarger, breast surgeon at Upland Hills Health. “This is the best way for me to deliver excellent patient care.”

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Breast Health Specialists

Dr. Jared Linebarger, general surgeon and surgical oncologist is fellowship trained in breast surgery. Dr. Clifford King, a plastic surgery specialist, joins Dr. Linebarger in cases that require breast reconstruction.

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Patient Story

The radiology techs at Upland Hills Health are so friendly, you feel at ease instantly and the mammogram itself was comfortable and took only seconds.

Tina W., Mineral Point

3D Mammography

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