Family Medicine

Family Medicine


A family medicine provider is the doctor or nurse practitioner that you consistently visit for your primary care needs. They are your advocate for preventing illness and injury, and your first line of defense when diagnosing and treating a health condition. Choosing and establishing a relationship with a primary care provider is important for these reasons:

  • They help keep you healthy by recommending health screenings that are appropriate for you. A provider that knows you well may catch issues earlier and can help you manage your health.
  • They provide whole person care, and in many cases, they care for you throughout your entire life.
  • They look at your health history to ensure you receive the right care.
  • They can provide referrals and help coordinate specialty care.
Female physician talking with senior female

Your family medicine provider is here for you for every stage of life. 

You’ll find clinics in 7 communities.

Primary Care Needs

  • Well child care
  • Sports physicals
  • Yearly physical exams for adults and children
  • Immunizations
  • Preventative screenings and tests
  • Worker’s compensation evaluation and treatment
  • Minor in-office procedures: treatment for lacerations, removal of skin tags/warts or foreign objects
  • Evaluation and specialist referrals
  • Wound Care
  • Nutrition Counseling

Our Providers

Dr Nicole Altman-Meyers
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Joseph Berg
Family Medicine
Karen Berger
Family Medicine
Melissa Delaney
Family Medicine
Sarah Fox
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Family Medicine
Rachel Hartline
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Jodi McGraw
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Portrait of Rosie Morrey nurse practitioner Upland Hills Health Dodgeville Wisconsin
Family Medicine
Portrait of Misty Nemitz nurse practitioner at Upland Hills Health Dodgeville
Family Medicine
Dr. Courtney Reynolds Upland Hills Health Dodgeville Spring Green Wisconsin
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Shelby Seman, APNP at Upland Hills Health Mineral Point Wisconsin
Family Medicine
Stephanie Wanek, APNP, Upland Hills Health
Family Medicine
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