Wound Care

Non-healing wounds require specialized care because underlying, complex conditions prevent the wound from going through the expected healing stages. The longer a chronic wound goes untreated, the greater risk of infection and more serious complications, including amputation. A chronic wound is defined as a wound that does not heal properly within a three month period.

Tracy Parent, R.N., Wound Care nurse

Tracy Parent, R.N., Wound Care nurse

Chronic wounds can result from:

  • Diabetes
  • Post-surgery
  • Heart & vascular disease
  • Traumatic injury


Ask your doctor about Wound Care at Upland Hills Health Specialty Clinic. Tracy Parent, R.N., will work closely with Drs. Ryberg and Linebarger in General Surgery and Dr. Graney in Podiatry, to evaluate chronic, non-healing wounds and create a plan of treatment.

In-clinic treatment may include cleaning, treating, and dressing wounds, and in some cases, placing a graft to encourage tissue growth. Tracy also concentrates on making sure that patients and/or home caregivers have a good understanding of how to help treat the wound at home between clinic visits.

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