Misconceptions about Hospice

  • The patient must be actively dying in order to be admitted to Upland Hills Hospice.
    False. Patients with a prognosis of six months or less are appropriate for hospice. Upland Hills Hospice can be most beneficial to patient, caregiver and family when there is sufficient time to fully assess needs and to establish a trusting relationship.

  • Upland Hills Hospice only sees those with terminal cancer.
    False. Upland Hills Hospice is appropriate for any terminal diagnosis.

  • Upland Hills Hospice patients cannot be hospitalized.
    False. Upland Hills Hospice patients may be admitted to the hospital for symptom control or respite without discontinuing hospice services.

  • Physicians can no longer be involved in caring for patients they refer to Upland Hills Hospice.
    False. Upland Hills Hospice works closely with the primary physician who is part of the patient’s interdisciplinary team. Upland Hills Hospice supplements rather than replaces the physician. Our medical director is available as a resource and can make home visits if necessary.

  • Upland Hills Hospice is going to “take over.”
    False. Upland Hills Hospice is a team effort. We work with physicians, caregivers and families to support the patient’s needs.

  • Upland Hills Hospice patients cannot receive active treatment.
    False. Upland Hills Hospice accepts patients who are receiving or may receive palliative treatment (pain/symptom control). Patients who choose Upland Hills Hospice need not feel they are limiting their options for future care.

  • Upland Hills Hospice provides around the clock nursing at home.
    False. Upland Hills Hospice provides regular in-home nursing visits and 24-hour telephone access to nursing staff for information, support and visits if needed.

  • Upland Hills Hospice forces the family to talk about death.
    False. Upland Hills Hospice accepts patients and families as they are. We do not force acceptance or discussion of the terminal diagnosis, but remain available to discuss any issues the patient and/or family choose.

  • Upland Hills Hospice patients have to die at home.
    False. While most patients choose to die at home, those who prefer to die in a hospital or nursing home setting may still continue receiving hospice care.

Does my insurance work with Upland Hills Health?

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