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Dr. Anthony Villare and orthopedic physician assistant Melissa Messer provide comprehensive, local diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for:

  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Fracture repair
  • Knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder arthroscopy and repair
  • Knee arthroscopy and repair
  • Tendon repair
  • Rotator cuff repair

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Orthopedic Surgery
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New Robotic-arm Assisted Technology for Total Knee & Total Hip Replacement

Beginning early in 2020, qualified knee and hip replacement patients with have a truly advanced surgical option. Our Mako Robotic-arm assisted technology allows surgeons to create a patient-specific 3D plan and perform joint replacement surgery using a surgeon-controlled robotic-arm that helps the surgeon execute the procedure with a high degree of accuracy. This option is now available to qualified total knee and total hip replacement patients at Upland Hills Health.

More about Mako Robotic-Assisted Technology
Mako robotic assisted hip replacement

While traditional knee and hip replacement surgery remains highly effective, total joint replacement with Mako Robotic Assisted technology has certain advantages for qualified patients. It allows surgeons to create an extremely accurate 3-D plan and execute the surgical replacement with a high degree of accuracy. If knee or hip replacement is in your future, be sure to ask your surgeon about the Mako Robotic option.

Mako robotic-assisted technology for knee replacement

Ryan is no stranger to joint replacements. By his 50s he’d already had both knees replaced. So when his hip pain started to slow down his active life and affect his golf game in 2020, he didn’t wait to get it checked out. He learned his hip had advanced arthritis, and he scheduled a replacement. When his surgery was canceled due to the pandemic, he wasn’t willing to put it off.

A web search led him to Dr. Anthony Villare at Upland Hills Health and Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted joint replacements. “I didn’t want to waste the next 5 years in pain. I wanted to get this hip replaced so that I could have my quality of life back,” he said. “Dr. Villare and Upland Hills Health looked like a great option for me, and I definitely made the right choice.”

From his knee replacements, Ryan knew that physical therapy and building strength were a big part of a successful recovery. He worked hard at therapy, even walking from his home to the Upland Hills Health Barneveld Clinic for his therapy. Ryan also committed to doing his in-home exercises and six weeks after surgery, he was recording 10,000 steps per day and hitting golf balls to prepare for the 2021 Deer Valley golf season.

“I’ll keep doing the exercises, because I want to continue to get stronger, but I honestly don’t even think about the fact that I had a hip replacement anymore. I have zero pain. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Villare and Upland Hills Health. My experience was really great from beginning to end.”

Ryan Schave

Total Hip Recipient

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