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Therapy & Wellness Center

Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy and More Near Dodgeville

Whatever your age, freedom of movement is so important to overall health, not to mention to your sense of well-being and control over your life. Medical conditions, injuries or recovery from surgery can limit your mobility, cause pain, stiffness and discomfort and generally keep you from the life you love. For older people, loss of mobility and communication can be even more serious, leaving them vulnerable, or simply increasing the chance of a fall or other accident.

Experts in our speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy program in Dodgeville, Mineral Point and Mount Horeb can evaluate and treat a wide variety of conditions that keep you from moving or functioning to the best of your ability. Our highly trained physical, occupational and speech therapists use strengthening exercises, manual therapy techniques and teach ways to adapt to your current abilities to help you live your best life. Restore mobility, relieve pain, improve strength and maximize your performance. 

In Mineral Point, we offer the region’s only aquatic therapy program, a warm, enjoyable, safe, low-impact method of physical therapy for regaining strength and mobility.

We also offer fitness and alternative therapies.

Nutrition Counseling services.

Physical Therapy

When you find you are not able to function like you used to, physical therapy may help. Our highly trained physical therapists use exercise, manual therapy, aquatic therapy and other techniques to help restore your mobility, relieve pain and improve strength.

Occupational Therapy

Your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders are essential to everyday tasks. When injuries, disorders and diseases affect these upper extremities, our occupational therapists work to help you improve the control needed for daily care tasks and work duties.

Speech Therapy

Our speech language pathologists are highly trained in the evaluation and treatment of disorders involving speech, articulation, language cognition and swallowing. They work with patients and families to develop strategies to improve communication.

Common Diagnoses for Physical Therapy in Dodgeville

  • Neck and back pain
  • Hip, knee, ankle and shoulder injuries
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Post-orthopedic surgery (fractures, total knee replacement, total hip replacement,
  • Rotator cuff repair, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction)
  • Neuromuscular disorders (stroke, head injury, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Balance and dizziness evaluation and treatment
  • Pediatric evaluation and treatment

Common Diagnoses for Occupational Therapy in Dodgeville

  • Orthopedic injuries of the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Neuromuscular disorders (stroke, head injury, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Lymphedema
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Sensory processing impairments
  • Pediatric evaluation and treatment

Common Diagnoses for Speech Therapy in Dodgeville

  • Developmental delay
  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Neuromuscular disorders (stroke, head injury, Multiple Sclerosis)

Aquatic Therapy Pool

The HydroWorx 2000 Pool for improved strength and function

Patient with trainer in Aquatic Therapy Pool

Aquatic therapy uses the properties of water to make exercise easier and more comfortable. Our pool is the same model used by many professional and college sports teams. The floor raises and lowers for easy entry, even for wheelchairs. The buoyancy, gentle resistance, body-supporting pressure and warm temperature of the water makes it ideal for treating a variety of conditions related to mobility and balance. From athletes to the elderly, the HydroWorx 2000 provides safe, gentle, comfortable therapy for everyone. When available, it can even be used for walking or running exercise.

About Our Aquatic Therapy Pool
You may not need a physician's referral to begin therapy. Therapy & Wellness Center Appointments 608-930-7147

Wanda’s Aquatic Therapy Story

Wanda has dealt with osteoarthritis for many years. It affects her hands, shoulders, lower back, hips, spine and feet. Wanda has also always been a walker, enjoying the daily walks she took in her neighborhood. Her arthritis has progressed in the last two years though, making her daily walks, and even walking down stairs, much more difficult.

“I noticed that I just felt weaker,” she explained. “I needed to go sideways down the stairs.”

Dr. Grieshaber referred her to work with Nate Christopher, physical therapist and certified aquatic therapist. Upland Hills Health had recently opened the therapy pool, and Wanda was an excellent candidate for aquatic therapy.

Wanda has gained strength in her legs and appreciates that she is able to keep up her walking routine, but in warm water, where she doesn’t experience the pain that she feels while walking on land. After a few months of therapy with Nate, Wanda transitioned to using the therapy pool as a fitness walker.

“I love this. I miss my walking, and this really helps me to keep myself going. I have more strength than what I did and I’m thankful for that,” she said.

Upland Hills Health Patient

Aqua therapy story

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