What opportunities are there for someone under 16 years old?

Upland Hills Health partners with local schools to host group tours at Upland Hills Health, to bring speakers into the school to talk about their career or visit schools during job and career fairs. We also provide interviewing opportunities for those in middle school or older, and volunteer opportu...

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Do I need vaccines for these experiences?

Some experiences will require vaccinations or tests. For example, a job shadow will require proof of MMR, Tdap and influenza vaccinations. Longer observation hours or clinical experiences will require additional vaccinations or tests. Tours and most other experiences do not require vaccines....

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Can I do more than one experience?

Yes. It often makes sense to do more than one experience, either in the same day, or months or years later. For example, you may want to job shadow more than one staff person to experience more than one type of career. You may also benefit from an interview in middle school and want to volunteer onc...

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Does my insurance work with Upland Hills Health?

It’s one of the most common questions our patient financial services experts get.

Most people are surprised to learn that Upland Hills Health works with a wide range of health plan and PPOs. We are an independent, nonprofit healthcare organization, always pursuing additional insurance carriers that service our communities.


Most frequently used insurance plans:

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