Work-based learning

Upland Hills Health offers learning opportunities such as internships, observation hours, clinical experiences, cooperative education programs, youth apprenticeships. These are evaluated individually, so please reach out using the form on this page....

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Career Fairs

Upland Hills Health staff enjoys participating in different career fairs, in our communities or in our local schools! If your school or organization is hosting a career fair, please let us know and we will participate if we are able....

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Career Mentoring

This opportunity is most often coordinated through high school teachers or guidance counselors. Specific staff at Upland Hills Health coach students directly for career development activities, such as resume review, e-portfolio review, mock interviews, auditions, or other career development-related ...

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Part-time or summer jobs

At Upland Hills Health, part-time positions are available in a variety of departments. For many high school students, part-time summer or after-school jobs are their first experience of the “world of work" and may indirectly expose them to what it's like to work in a healthcare environment. For ot...

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Volunteer or Service Learning

Learn about hospital operations and careers and develop career skills while volunteering at Upland Hills Health. Our Volunteen program is available to students 14 years and older, and our Volunteer program is for adults of any age.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact Dee McConnell, Vol...

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Job Shadow

We would like to give you the opportunity to job shadow a member of our staff for some “on-the-job” insight. A job shadow experience allows individuals to “try on” a career for a few hours before investing time and money in formal education. More information can be found on our Job Shadow p...

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Classroom Speakers

A staff person from Upland Hills Health visits your classroom to talk with students about their job, personal journey, job duties and responsibilities, skills and knowledge needed, or a specific curricular topic. We will work with you on topic and presentation....

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Scenario-based Tour

This is a group tour situation based on a specific scenario, designed to highlight the roles of staff across various departments of Upland Hills Health. In this tour, the group will follow a "patient's" journey of care and learn about the departments involved, the roles in those departments and how ...

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Group Tours

We will host you or your students for a tour of our facilities and operations to highlight careers within specific departments of Upland Hills Health. ...

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What opportunities are there for someone under 16 years old?

Upland Hills Health partners with local schools to host group tours at Upland Hills Health, to bring speakers into the school to talk about their career or visit schools during job and career fairs. We also provide interviewing opportunities for those in middle school or older, and volunteer opportu...

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Why Choose Upland Hills Health?

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We are committed to providing the safest and best possible experience for every patient that enters our clinics, our hospital, our nursing and rehab center, our medical equipment store, or who invites us into their home through Home Care or Hospice services.

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