All Asked to Wear Face Covers into Upland Hills Health–April 9, 2020

Spread of the COVID-19 virus is expected to peak mid-April in this area. For this reason, Upland Hills Health is adding another pre-cautionary measure to slow the spread of the virus. Staff and patients are required to wear a face cover before entering the hospital or clinics. This new measure is effective Monday, April 13.

Upland Hills Health CEO, Lisa Schnedler emphasized the need to be extra vigilant in the coming weeks.

“We highly value our patients and staff. If there is a pre-caution to be taken, I believe we should take it,” Schnedler said.

Studies suggest that cloth face covers do not protect the user, but there is evidence which suggests the use of cloth face covers may help reduce disease transmission. The primary role of a cloth face cover is to reduce the amount of infectious particles released into the air when someone speaks, coughs, or sneezes, including someone who has COVID-19 but still feels good or doesn’t have any symptoms. Cloth face covers are not considered protective and are not a substitute for social distancing, washing your hands and avoiding touching your face, but they may be helpful when combined with these good habits.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Wisconsin Department of Health Services websites offer patterns for making your own face covering. They include links to patterns and tutorials for making a cloth face cover, with or without a sewing machine.

Schnedler adds, “These weeks are the most crucial. We’ll get through them together. Thank you for your continued cooperation.”

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