Celebrated Recognition for Noteworthy Employees


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three employees at Upland Hills Health (UHH) say they were taken by surprise when it was announced that they were chosen to receive one of three well-respected and long-standing awards given each year to deserving employees. Michelle Carver of Benton, Doug Finley of Dodgeville and Patty Richgels of Highland were honored for their contributions to the organization, the wellness of patients and the community.

Michelle Carver, Administrator of the Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (NRC) at Upland Hills Health was honored with the Kaye Walsh Spirit of Optimism Award. This award recognizes a UHH employee or volunteer who exemplifies a spirit of optimism and excellence in customer service when serving patients, families, and colleagues. Kaye began working as a radiology technician and later became the Director of Radiology. Kaye demonstrated her expertise in radiology, her concern for patients and their families, and her dedication to her employees and our hospital. Kaye helped her patients and families maintain hope that they could face the challenges that lay ahead.

With her warm hellos and infectious attitude, Michelle Carver exhibits the spirit of optimism. As NRC Administrator, Michelle handles every situation with a sense of calm and professionalism. Her door is always open and she is willing to listen and guide individuals on a path to the best outcome. Whether she is working with staff, patients or families, she always has a smile on her face.

Doug Finley, Plant Operations, was recognized with the Award for Outstanding Leadership. This award recognizes an Upland Hills Health employee who demonstrates outstanding leadership to the mission of Upland Hills Health, Inc.

Doug started at UHH over 10 years ago. He is well respected throughout our entire organization. When a task needs to be completed, Doug generally serves as the project leader and communicates with the heads of the departments. He is a master electrician, an expert in HVAC and a great plumber. UHH is fortunate to have a multi-talented employee like Doug Finley on the Plant Operations team.

Patti Richgels, BSN, RN received the Kaye Davis, RN Community Wellness Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has actively demonstrated a commitment to actions that promote the well-being and quality of life in their communities. Kaye Davis is being remembered as a wife, mother and registered nurse. Throughout her life’s work, Kaye carried an innermost desire to serve humanity and one’s fellow man.

In recognition of her accomplishments and contributions to our community, Patti Richgels is well deserving of the Kaye Davis, RN Community Wellness Award. As a Registered Nurse, Patti has touched the lives of hundreds of people spanning from newborns to the elderly. Patti has taken on many roles at Upland Hills Health. She has been a staff nurse, nursing supervisor, Home Care director and is currently serving as Hospice nurse. Patti Richgels has shown her dedication and application of a true nurturing spirit coupled with the intelligence and abilities of a well-skilled nurse.

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Photo caption: Michelle Carver, Doug Finley and Patti Richgels, annual award recipients at Upland Hills Health, Inc. in Dodgeville.

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