COVID-19 Vaccination Status at Upland Hills Health

To date Upland Hills Health hospital in Dodgeville received four shipments of the Moderna vaccine totaling 700 doses. All direct patient care staff at UHH hospital and clinics qualifying for level 1A distribution have had an opportunity to receive their first dose of the vaccine. UHH is now working with the Iowa County Department of Health to assist with vaccinating other 1A level healthcare workers in the community.

UHH Pharmacy Director, Mike Peterson said those who received their first dose in December will be due to receive their second dose soon.

“A portion of the doses received will be used to start administering the second dose of the vaccine after January 21st, Peterson said. “Also, we are coordinating our efforts with the county health department to help vaccinate other 1A level healthcare workers in the community as well.”

UHH officials charged with setting up the vaccination clinics say the process is going smoothly, it just takes workers, resources and time to administer the vaccine.

Krisann Karls, Vice President of Ancillary Services, is also in charge of vaccination clinic logistics. She said, “Staff operating the vaccination clinics are pulled from their current duties to do so. Appointments need to be spaced out to keep people physically distant from each other. With two nurses administering the vaccinations UHH is vaccinating about four people every 15 minutes when the vaccination clinic is open. It’s going smoothly, it just takes time.” Space is also required for 15-30 minutes of observation after the vaccination is administered to ensure there are no immediate side effects.

Upland Hills Health also operates a nursing and rehabilitation center on the Dodgeville campus. Friday, January 8th a vaccination clinic was held at the NRC and those who wanted to receive the vaccine were able to do so, according to NRC Administrator, Michelle Hendricks.

“Vaccinating our residents and staff went well. We are so relieved to have the first dose administered. We are hopeful that soon life will be able to include the people and activities we love once again.”

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