Nursing Home Merger Talks End

Talk of merging two of Iowa County’s long-term care facilities has concluded. On Wednesday, October 5, the Upland Hills Health Board of Trustees and the Iowa County Board of Supervisors agreed to end discussions concerning the possible merger of their respective nursing homes.

The two entities have been discussing the possibility of collaboration since the summer of 2015. At that time, Bloomfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center was looking at building a new facility. Upland Hills Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was looking at a potential remodel of their current facility. A possible merger, or some type of collaborative model, has been the topic of discussion between the two governing boards for over a year.

Larry Bierke, Iowa County Administrator stated, “In the end, the two boards could not reach an agreement on a few pivotal issues, most importantly the management oversight of the new entity.”

“We mutually agreed to end the discussions and part on good terms,” noted Lisa Schnedler, President & CEO of Upland Hills Health. “The two boards worked hard to reach agreement, but they have realized that they have different visions for long term care going into the future. We end these discussions in full support of each other.”

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