Respected Recognitions

Upland Hills Health presented three well-respected and long-standing awards in March. Gail Reichling, Chelsey Wallace-Bawden, APNP, and Sara Fox, M.D., were recognized for their dedication to patients, coworkers and community members.

Chelsey Wallace-Bawden, APNP at Mineral Point and Dodgeville Medical Centers of Upland Hills Health, was honored with the Kaye Walsh Spirit of Optimism Award. This award recognizes a UHH employee or volunteer who exemplifies a spirit of optimism and excellence in customer service when serving patients, families, and colleagues. In life, Kaye demonstrated her expertise in radiology, her concern for patients and their families, and her dedication to UHH employees and hospital.

Chelsey’s spirit and demeanor mirror the qualities that Kaye displayed. Her nominator noted, “Chelsey gives tirelessly to her community as an RN, as an EMT in the community, and as a Nurse Practitioner. She relates on a personal level to each patient. She delivers care with compassion, kindness, knowledge, and humor. Chelsey embodies optimism, compassion, happiness, and kindness. This is exactly as I remember Kaye!”

Gail Reichling, Environmental Services Supervisor, was recognized with the Award for Outstanding Leadership. This award recognizes an Upland Hills Health employee who demonstrates outstanding leadership to the mission of Upland Hills Health, Inc.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought particular challenges for those in healthcare, but especially for those responsible for cleaning and sanitizing healthcare settings. Gail’s leadership skills, as supervisor of the environmental services group, shone brightly through this pandemic.

Gail was nominated because of her compassion, communication and integrity. She has a vast knowledge of cleaning standards. She helps staff feel confident with necessary process changes, including those posed by the pandemic. Gail embraced each of the challenges that COVID-19 placed on individuals and the organization. She helps her staff face fears and puts in place the best protection possible for staff, visitors, and patients. She works countless extra hours to fill in staffing gaps to ensure patients have the safest experience possible.

The Kaye Davis Community Wellness Award was given to Dr. Sara Fox of the Mineral Point and Dodgeville Medical Centers of Upland Hills Health. The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual or group who has actively demonstrated a commitment to actions that promote the well-being and quality of life in their communities. Throughout her life’s work, Kaye carried an innermost desire to serve humanity and one’s fellow man.

As a member of the COVID-19 Incident Command Team and Vice President of Primary Care Medical Services, Dr. Fox has gone beyond her responsibilities. She works tirelessly to stay current on this emerging disease to make sure medical providers stay up-to-date. She spearheads the effort to restructure and adapt the UHH clinic system to meet the unique and ever-changing safety needs of clinic staff and patients amid the pandemic. Dr. Fox works to empower local schools and businesses too, by encouraging good public health practices as they make decisions to operate safely.

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