Upland Hills Health Working to Secure Property in Mineral Point


The President of Upland Hills Health (UHH), Lisa Schnedler, recently announced that UHH has entered into a purchase agreement for property between Highway 23 and Business Park Road, in Mineral Point. The closing for this property is pending contingencies. Schnedler states, “In the four years I have served as CEO of Upland Hills Health, and in previous years, our Board of Trustees has clearly stated the vision for the hospital: Upland Hills Health is here to serve our communities. We have focused on bringing healthcare services to areas of greatest need first, by establishing family medicine clinics where access to primary care was limited,” Schnedler explains. “Now that we have secured property suitable for expansion, we are looking at how we may better serve and support the Mineral Point community.”

According to Schnedler, two committees have been formed to study and help determine healthcare services most needed in the Mineral Point area. Discussions will include members of other healthcare organizations within Mineral Point. Suggestions are welcome and may be submitted at uplandhillshealth.org/contact-us or by calling 608.930.7112. The UHH Board of Trustees has directed that the services must, 1) improve access to healthcare services, 2) serve defined needs, and 3) meet needs that are broadly desired by the community, while not competing with local clinics currently meeting those needs.

“These are very exciting times,” Schnedler said. “We are eager to continue with our long-range plan and partnership to improve healthcare services in our surrounding communities. The Mineral Point community has supported our efforts for decades. We are delighted to start working on building additional services that will enhance the health of our friends and neighbors there.”

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