“When School’s Out Hunger Isn’t” Campaign a Success

We learned from local food pantries the greatest demand for food occurs during the holidays and during the summer months, when kids are out of school.  Because students are not receiving school lunches, the grocery bill escalates at home.  During the month of May, Upland Hills Health board members and employees raised $2,732 to contribute to the Iowa County Food Pantry.  We challenge everyone to make contributions as they can throughout the summer, because “When School’s Out, Hunger Isn’t.” 

If you know of a local food pantry that needs to restock their shelves, please comment on our Facebook page and let us know.  (We’ll be compiling a list here, within this story.  Check back soon!)  

The response has been great!  Thank you to all who let us know about the programs going on in your communities.  The UW Extension pointed us to the list of Iowa County Food Pantries on their site! You can find it here under Food Pantries Jan 2016


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