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2019 Moms & Babies–Preview

Here is a preview of our celebration of 2019 moms and babies!

Celebrating the experiences of moms who brought their little ones into the world at Upland Hills Health in 2019.

Kami’s story

Baby Grady Family 400 Web

Kami planned to have her first child at Upland Hills Health. She didn’t plan for it to happen two weeks early. And she certainly didn’t plan to experience a scare. But the birthing team at Upland Hills Health had her covered—and kept her feeling safe and cared for every step of the way.

Kami, a registered nurse at UW Hospital, was surprised when her water broke as she walked out the door for work a few days before Christmas. Her hospital bag wasn’t quite ready, and neither was she, but Bri [Brianne Farrey, R.N.], the Birthing Unit nurse, made sure she got what she needed, and provided exactly what Kami needed—encouragement and information.

“Being an RN, you know every little thing that can happen,” Kami explained. So when the heart rate monitor showed a drop in her baby’s heart rate during a contraction, Kami was worried. “Everyone was calm the whole time and Bri told me what to expect to happen in the coming hours every time she checked me. I knew that she and the other nurses knew exactly what they were doing, and it really helped keep me calmer.”

“Barb [Yanna, R.N.] came on at shift change and was smiling and so encouraging through the pushing. They really made my husband feel included and made sure we had everything we needed,” she said.
After Grady made his way into the world, Kami found an equal amount of support from the Birthing Unit nurses with solving some breastfeeding struggles. “The unit was really busy—there were two births the next day, and they still took the time to come help us,” she recalls.

“It was nice to only have a five minute drive home when we left, and to know that I could call anytime and get help or answers if I needed to,” said Kami. “My whole experience was great—I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else for the birth of my first baby.”

Katie’s story

Katie Hughes Web 400

From her first prenatal appointments, Katie knew she’d made a good choice. “I always left my doctor appointments feeling joyful,” she explained. She describes her care from Dr. Jodi McGraw as encouraging, informative and very low pressure.

The positive experiences grew as Katie got closer to her delivery. “When I registered for delivery at Upland Hills Health I knew I was in great hands. The staff is knowledgeable, personable, and considerate. I was the only delivery the night I had my son and everything went smoothly. Dr. McGraw and the OB nurses did a fantastic job and in the end, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy. I felt calm and taken care of during the duration of my stay. The birthing suites are clean and spacious, which is nice for family and visitors. I would highly recommend Dr. Jodi McGraw and Upland Hills Health to anyone starting or continuing a family.”

Megan’s story

Kulick Family 450 Web

Living in Mount Horeb, Megan had a lot of options when it came to who her doctor would be and where she’d deliver her first baby. After considering Madison hospitals and clinics alongside the Upland Hills Health Mount Horeb Clinic and hospital in Dodgeville for delivery, the choice came down to the benefits of a smaller, rural hospital and clinic. Megan felt that the convenience of the clinic and accessibility of the hospital, combined with the “small town feeling” and familiar faces she’d see at each visit, made Upland Hills Health the best choice.

“I really liked the hospital’s location and small-town feeling. For me it made for a more relaxing environment from the get-go. Dr. Sandgren (OB/GYN) was great to work with throughout my pregnancy. I went in several months before we started trying to conceive and she answered all of my questions and made recommendations. She was really sweet to work with throughout my pregnancy,” Megan remembered.

When it came time to bring Charlotte into the world, the Upland Hills Health team really shined for Megan. Dr. Raichle, one of three OB/GYNs in the Upland Hills Health Women’s Health Clinic, was on call as the delivering doctor. He and the skilled birthing nurses made Megan’s experience stellar.

“The nurses were all so helpful and kind and that was very helpful for us, having our first baby. When a c-section was looking like the safest option, Dr. Raichle was sure to talk me through everything and made sure that I was comfortable with how things were going. One thing that really stuck out about Dr. Raichle was the way he valued the nurses’ opinions. When he approached me about the c-section he had one of the nurses with him who had been taking care of us all day, and he asked her opinion as well. That respect just really stuck out to me,” she said.

Megan and her family continue to use the Upland Hills Health Mount Horeb Clinic and enjoy the familiarity of seeing the same faces at each visit. The nurse that Megan saw throughout her pregnancy is still Charlotte’s nurse for well child visits, and that consistency is comforting.

“We knew from the start that we were in good hands at Upland Hills Health, and I would absolutely recommend to other mamas.”

Shelby’s story

Shelby and Peter Nankey welcomed Erika in December 2017

When Shelby needed to choose a care provider for her pregnancy and delivery, she had no doubts about those providers being Dr. Rachel Hartline and the nursing staff at Upland Hills Health. Dr. Hartline was Shelby’s family physician already and in Shelby’s words “I wouldn’t have chosen anyone but her. I chose her to delivery our baby because I trusted her 100%!”

Though nervous about delivering her first baby, Shelby’s experience with Dr. Hartline, and at the pre-birth conference at the hospital eased her worries. “My husband [Peter] and I were taken aback at the large delivery rooms, and we loved the fact that we could deliver our baby and recover in the same private room instead of having to move from room to room,” she said. “The nurses were so friendly and calm, I felt at ease there.”

When their little girl was ready to enter the world, Shelby and Peter’s experience exceeded all their expectations. “Dr. Hartline and the nurses were wonderful labor and delivery coaches! I never felt unsure or uncomfortable. The nurses were always there when I needed them, and were a huge comfort to me as well as to my husband. My husband was nervous about being my laboring partner, and it really calmed my heart and made me happy to see they were taking care of him and encouraging him as well as me,” Shelby said. “Upland Hills Health made my first birth experience a wonderful one.”

Kelsey’s story

Birthing Testimonial Mcreynolds

Kolbi, Kelsey and Jace McReynolds welcomed Zain in the summer of 2017

I worked at a larger Madison hospital at the time of my first pregnancy and birth. Of the clinics my insurance covered, I picked the one that Dr. Raichle was with at that time. I wound up seeing Dr. Raichle regularly because I was very fond of him, he had a great personality and was down to earth. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his job.

After I started working at Upland Hills Health, I found out Dr. Raichle was coming to Dodgeville. My husband and I knew we wanted to doctor with him for our second child as well.

With my second pregnancy, Dr. Raichle took time out of his schedule to research an existing condition I had, and took extra time in the room with me discussing care and even just showed compassion with regular conversation. I felt really comfortable and cared for.

I always felt very welcomed going into the clinic. Whenever I had questions, I didn’t have to really wait for an answer. The other doctors in the clinic work together as a great team to take care of patients.
I felt a lot of compassion as a patient at Upland Hills Health. In my previous experience, I felt like I was just another mom having a baby. I also loved that I stayed in the same room from delivery until the day we were discharged. Previously, delivery was in a large room, then I was moved to a different, smaller post-partum room with a limit of two visitors at a time. This felt like a more family-friendly environment.

I’d absolutely recommend Upland Hills Health for prenatal care and delivery. So far, I’ve referred four friends to the clinic, and to Dr. Raichle specifically!

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