Footnotes leaves a footprint for Upland Hills Health hospice patients


Friday, January 11, 2019

Pastor Kathy Hospice Dec2018

Most know Kathy Jacobson as the pastor at Castle Rock Lutheran Church and Peace–Bethlehem Lutheran Parish of Cobb and Edmund. You may not know that she is also an author. Noted! is a story of a Wisconsin nurse who seeks to make a new start in a new place, yet she finds herself unexpectedly confronted with a piece of her past. It’s a story of patience, love, loss and faith.

With each book Kathy has written, she has chosen a charity that is reflective of the theme of the book. Footnotes, Kathy’s fifth book in the Noted! series deals with loss – whether death, divorce, or other circumstances. That’s what made UHH hospice such a fitting recipient for a portion of the Footnotes proceeds. More than the $200 donation of book proceeds, Kathy also gives her time by volunteering as the UHH hospice chaplain. The UHH hospice team serves patients in Iowa County and beyond, providing care for those at the end of their lives, and support to families during this difficult time. Thank you Kathy for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

You can pick up your copy of Footnotes, or any book in the Noted! series on Amazon, or you can borrow them from a number of libraries in Southwest WI, including the Dodgeville Library.

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